Huron University College
Chinese 2241G: Understanding Chinese Business Culture 2
Term Paper Requirements
Due Date: April 7, 2021
To think critically, argue logically, and discuss persuasively;
To use the research skills acquired at university;
To write an academic paper in modern standard Chinese.

You have studied the case of Xiaomi (小米 “little rice” in Chinese). The January 27, 2021 report by IDC
( indicates Xiaomi has become the third largest
vendor of smartphones worldwide, behind only Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi achieved the ranking by
successfully capitalizing on declining Huawei shipments, focusing on aggressive product portfolios and
building partnerships. Xiaomi has gone from a start-up, focused on making a new mobile phone interface, to
being recognized as a tech originator. It is now an industry leader in domestic and global markets. More
importantly for us, Xiaomi’s business success can be understood as a lens through which to view the innovative
spirit of the entrepreneur culture in contemporary China.
Your assignment is to prepare a research paper discussing how Xiaomi managed to conquer the world’s biggest
market. Specifically, you must compare Xiaomi with two of the following three smartphone companies:
Huawei, Apple, and Samsung (i.e., choose 2 out of the 3 for this assignment).
Discuss how Xiaomi has competed against your choice companies by referring to specific innovative business
strategies and practices. You must provide documented evidence of the commercial growth and development of
Xiaomi as compared to the other companies. Your discussion must primarily address the Chinese style cultural
concepts and elements.
You must explain your findings and conclusions, using for support of your argument materials drawn from at
least five sources. Of those sources, at least two must be peer-reviewed journal articles, one an academic book,
and one a scholarly web page.
Length and Style:
The body of the paper should be 3500 Chinese characters approximately (show word count on last page),
excluding references. Use APA documentation style for your paper.

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And you are welcome to use other academic resources of your own.

Evaluation Criteria: 100%
Structure and clarity of discussion: 30
Accurate, insightful understanding of topic: 40
Sources cited, appropriate, documentation: 15
Grammar, academic style: 10
Format of submission: 5

Submit your E-copy as a Word document at the course OWL area on or before the due date, before 11:50PM.
Late Penalty:
Late papers will be penalized by a deduction of 20% per day.
Submissions received after 11:50pm on the due date will be considered one day late.
Additional days late will be counted each day the paper has not been deposited in the Assignments Folder
before 9:30am. Submissions more than five days late will not be accepted.

Term Paper Marking
Total: 100 Points
Structure and clarity of discussion: 30
Organization, presentation of ideas
Logical progression of argument, persuasive
Clear summary/conclusion
Accurate, insightful understanding of topic: 40
Accurate, critical report of cases, events
Understanding of main issues in each case
Identification of common features
Identification of explanatory factors
Use of comparisons and analogies
Sources cited, appropriate, documentation: 15
Identification and use of required number/type of sources
Use and citation of sources
Academic style in reporting of sources
Grammar, academic style: 10
Submission format: 5
Title Page: Title of Essay, Course Number, Name of Author (English & Chinese), Student ID#
Paragraphs: 1st line indented; Font & sizes: SimSun 11
A page listing sources at end of essay (grouped by type)
Submit as a Word document with file name in Pinyin (Last name First name)
Word count excluding references etc. Show word-count number at the end of main text.
Paper length about 3500 characters (3000 to 4000 characters)
Adjustments: If too short = grade X count/3000. If too long = grade X 4000/count.