Python代写-FIT5225 -Assignment 1
FIT5225 -Assignment 1 Rubric
Web Service (20)
9 Object detection is working correctly, detects correct objects in the images, handles concurrent
requests, and Base64 decoding is done properly.
4 Web service generates proper JSON messages as the response in the requested format. UUID is
handled properly.
2 Code is readable, well-designed, and sufficiently commented.
5 The web service and overall architecture are properly and clearly explained in the video.
Docker (10)
5 Dockerfile is correct and follows best practices for writing Dockerfiles, e.g., installing only
necessary packages.
5 Dockerfile is clearly and properly explained in the video.
Cluster (20)
6 VM and Kubernetes nodes are correctly configured in the cluster.
9 Deployment file is correctly configured including port mapping, docker image, labels, pod configs
and limits, etc.
5 The cluster is clearly and properly explained in the video including how the docker image is loaded
to the Kube cluster.
Service (20)
10 Service is properly configured including nodeport, target port, host port and selector labels etc.
5 Security Group for the VM is configured adequately and properly.
5 Kubernetes' service is properly and clearly explained in the video including logs as per
specification, reaching service from outside your VM, security group configuration, etc.
Report and
experiments (30)
5 The figure is plotted correctly with proper axis labels, legends, units, etc.
12 Justifications for results are correct. The Impact of adding more pods and more threads on the
average response time should be explained and justified correctly.
8 Experiments are conducted as per specification.
5 Format of the report is based on the specification. It is well-organised and structured and free from
spelling and grammar issues.
* We apply penalty for late submission (10% per day), extra minutes in the video (5% per each extra minute), and word limits violation in the report.
* Please make sure that your VM and cluster setup will be running after the submission deadline for at least 10 days, otherwise you will lose marks for any test we do with your service endpoint.
* Please ensure that your video has acceptable quality (resolution), all commands and outputs must be easily readable, otherwise you will lose points for video submission.
N: Failed to address the criteria.
P: Addressed some aspects of the criteria while major issues exist.
C: The criteria is addressed adequately while some elements are missing.
D: The criteria are addressed while some minor issues exist.
HD: All aspects of the criteria are addressed.