java的 JSP和JSF代写-D2L
Comp 4911 Midterm (take-home)
Part 1: Multiple Choice – see D2L
Do the D2L Midterm Quiz at 10:30 Wednesday February 24. It is timed, so don’t start late!
Part 2: Practical (take-home)
This EJB programming challenge is to be completed by the end of midterm week. You have
until Monday March 1 at 11:59 PM to finish, deploy, and hand in your code to D2L.
Another Full Stack Web
Create a web application using a MySQL database (with at least 3 tables) using session beans
and JPA beans. The front end can be JSF or JavaScript based, but the whole application
needs to be deployed on OKD.

Exam integrity:
• Must be your own work (copying other’s work from the internet or anywhere else is not
allowed) including DB design
• Must not be a problem report, guessing game or duplicate any labs from last term (no
inventory databases!)
• Open book, open notes, open internet but no communication with others.
o Questions in our discord channel are OK, but should not be answered by other
• Any submission that resembles other code (online or otherwise) may result in zero,
followed by an academic misconduct report being sent to the associate dean.
• BCIT reserves the right to pick submissions for doing a 1-1 walk-through or live-coding
session with an instructor.

Setup and submission:
• Create a new maven project with the artifact-id and finalName your last name + first
initial + “midterm”. For example, if your name is Tenzin Oesel, then the artifact-id would
be oeseltmidterm. Include a sql file that will create the database and (optionally)
initialize it with some data.
• Make the project on your computer a git project (for example, with git init)
• Create a private repository (under your normal username) called
• Have your database deployed to a mysql pod, with tables, data, and a user/password
that has all privileges to the database (see CREATE USER and GRANT sql statements.
• After the project is working, deploy it in an OKD project named as your lastName +
firstInitial + “-exams” . The name of the application should contain the name “midterm”
• Zip your solution and put it in the midterm dropbox on D2L before the deadline. You can
submit more than once, the latest will be kept.
General Requirements:
• Reasonable commenting and naming of class, methods, variables.
• Your web pages should be relevant to the context of your database.
• Do not get hung up on one part – look at the marking rubric and see what things are
more or less important.
Detailed Requirements:

Input: 10 points
1. You should be able to enter data into the database to support the rest of the project

Output: 10 points
1. In a welcome page, display (in addition to whatever else is there)
a. your name
b. name of your database
2. Error messages are displayed (preferable in red) for validation failures.
3. Based on user input, retrieve and display something from the database involving related
4. Insert or Update multiple related entities to database and be able to display them after
5. Overall application should have a unified focus and logically work together
6. Output should be reasonably formatted.

Structure of application: 20 points
1. Web project is a maven project with the proper folders and a pom.xml file
2. Repository on has only source artifacts, no bin, target folders, no IDE
artifacts (clean repository)
3. Use one or more EJB stateful session beans
4. Use one or more EJB stateless session beans
5. Have at least three JPA beans
6. Map fields in your entity beans with a date
7. Have the following relationships between beans:
a. 1-1 unidirectional
b. N-1 bidirectional
c. N-N unidirectional
Submission: 10 points
1. Private repository in with your code.
2. Deployment on OKD includes a MySQL pod and a Wildfly pod (optionally may have
other pods)
3. Working project is deployed and works on OKD
4. Your OKD project has your database, with tables and contents, running on your mysql
5. Your Wildfly application pod defines a datasource that can connect with the database on
the mysql pod.
6. Your Wildfly application deploys successfully on your Wildfly pod.
7. Zip file with project in D2L Activity>Assignments>Midterm Practical dropbox