CS-677 Project Guidelines

One of the requirements for CS-677 is the final project (20% of the grade). The project
must be done individually. This is an opportunity for you to be creative in solving a data
science problem that is of interest to you. The project should be challenging enough so
that you could discuss it at future interviews with potential employers. Your project will
also give us an opportunity to provide you with a future reference if you ever need it.
The project is due by the end of the course. For the on-campus class, you will need to
present your project to the entire class. For both campus and online class, you will need
to record a presentation of your project (3-to-5 minutes) using Kaltura video (similar to
YouTube). We will send instructions with a separate email.
In addition to presentations, you will send us the following:
(1) one-to-two page summary of what you have done and what were the main
(2) source file(s)
(3) instructions how to run your code
Some of you are doing projects related to your work and we may not be able to run your
code. In this case, you will need to send us examples of runs with your summary. The
presentations should be at the level that other students can understand what your
project is all about. Imagine that you are have an interview and you are asked to
describe in a few words a data science project of your choice.
You are free to choose any topic that is of interest to you. The most important thing to
keep in mind that this is a data science/machine learning project in Python. You will not
be judged on the originality of your topic or the difficulty of implementation. We want you
show us that you can analyze a data science problem and write a short summary of
your results. You are also free to pick up a data science/machine learning method or
use any additional library that was not covered or used in class (e.g. deep learning or
recommendation systems).
In short, this is an opportunity for you to explore data science and do something that is
of interest to you. We are asking you to send us your 1-2 sentence proposals so that we
could assess if your project may be too difficult.
Finally, your project should contain no confidential data from your employer or any non-
public data source.
Good luck to all of you.

Information on Kaltura: