C++代写-FIT2096-Assignment 2
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FIT2096 Assignment 2 2021
Transformations in 3D Space - Simple Agent Navigation (15%)

Due: Week 9, Friday 7th of May, 11:55 pm
Platform: Unreal Engine 4

In this assignment you will use the Unreal game engine to create a simple game where a player must
navigate through a level while avoiding Agent enemies. The Agents navigate through game level
using waypoint navigation.

Figure 1 Example design of your Game Level
Game Project
Use the 1st person game project.
Game Level/Map
The game level will be made from a simple plane scaled to the required size with a suitable tiled
Material applied. Obstacles (simple mesh Shapes) will be placed throughout the level. See Figure 1
Level Layout Design for an example of how your game level could be laid out.
NOTE: The level layout in the diagram is an example only. You should not copy its layout for your
own level, rather you should use your own creativity for your level and agent paths.
The assignment will use the 1st person camera for the player.
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The Player
The player must spawn into the level and navigate their way through the map to the Player Goal. If
the player collides with an Agent before reaching the Player Goal, they must respawn back at the
Player Start.
Simple Agents
You will create simple Agents that spawn in the level and patrol along a predefined path.
• Coding
o The core functionality of the agents must be coded in C++. Variables can be exposed
as a Blueprint class.
• Agents model
o Use any of the 3D Models provided in the Unreal Starter Content
o The forward direction of the Agent must be shown using an arrow component
• Waypoint Navigation
o Your agents must use a set of waypoints to navigate their way through the game
o Each waypoint contains a location (x,y,z) in the game level.
o The agent should spawn at the first waypoint, rotate to face the next waypoint and
move to that waypoint.
o When the agent reaches the waypoint it should rotate to face the next waypoint and
move to it.
o The agents should patrol along the path until the end of the game.
o Waypoints will be hard coded and stored in an array
o You will have at least 2 paths your agents will patrol in the level
o Your paths should form a loop that your agents can follow repeatedly
• Spawn rate/number
o How often the Agent spawns
o The maximum number of Agents spawned
• Speed, Size
o You must have two different types of agents denoted by different coloured
o They should travel at different speeds.
o Each type of agent should have a different scale value with larger Agents moving
slower, while smaller agents moving faster.
The input and control must be coded using C++.
Your application must implement the following controls:
• ‘q’ – Start
o Starts the game
• ‘p’ – Pause
o Pauses the game
• ‘r’ – Reset
o Resets the game back to its initial state so it can be run again

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Marking Rubric
Functionality – 60%
Is the game level/map loaded, scaled, textured
drawn correctly? (10)

Is input handled correctly? (10)
Is the agent movement (rotations and
translations) implemented correctly? (15)

Waypoints have been hard coded and stored
using an array (10)

There are at least 2 paths through the map (5)
The agents follow the waypoint paths
successfully (10)

Code Quality – 40%
Is the code written in C++, using Blueprint
scripting where necessary? (10)

Is the code written in an efficient manner?
(including good memory management) (10)

Does the code exhibit good object-oriented
design? (10)

Is the readability and style of the code to a high
standard? Are appropriate comments
included throughout? (10)