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FIT1033 Foundations of 3D S1 2021
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Assignment 2: Modelling a “Creature” Game
Character [20%]

In Assignment 2, your challenge is to research, design and model an original 3D game creature.
You are encouraged to research and reference other character designs to build and develop your
concept but your game creature must be a new creation. You cannot simply remodel or copy a
character from an existing computer game, animated series or movie (for example, from Pixar’s
Monsters, Inc. or the Pokémon franchise).

The definition of a ‘3D game creature’ here is broad, but essentially a creature is an animal, not a human.
As in assignment 1, the surest way to arrive at an original character design is by combining different
concepts; in this case different animal anatomies. Your documentation should begin by exploring a range of
character concepts and animal forms.
Your creature's personality is expressed in its physical form. It could be bright, cute and cuddly, and
suitable for a children’s game. It could be frightening and ferocious, or comical and caricatured. Remember
though that this creature is a game character and needs to be modelled efficiently. We are not aiming for
photorealistic or highly detailed designs; simple characters with strong design elements suit the scope of
this assignment best.
A short character description (about 200 words) describing your game character should be included in your
For example: What is your creature called? What kind of game character is it - a monster, a hero, a pet?
How does it move around and where does it live? Are there any environmental hazards that your creature
has adapted to?

Submissions for this assignment should contain the following (three items):

(a) A Maya project folder with scene files
This should contain at least three progressively saved scene files showing the progression of
your work. You are also required to submit all exported textures created for this assignment;
these will be held in the sourceimages folder of your project. Note: You do not need to submit
your Substance Painter Project as these files can easily exceed 100MB. However, you must
make these files available upon request by your tutor.

(b) A Unity 3D Windows Build
Importing your character into the Unity scene provided and exporting your scene as an
interactive build: note, the build is not the Unity project file (you don’t need to submit this)

(c) Documentation as a PDF document
Your documentation should contain research, references, screenshots, analysis, and
descriptions of you technical decision-making process with the aim of illustrating your process
for this assignment. Further information in what your documentation should contain will be
provided by your tutor and available on Moodle.

Submission is via Moodle. ALL submitted items must be named in a clear and logical way and
compressed into a single .zip file, which should be named with the assessment number, and your

The maximum total file-size for this submission is 100MB.
FIT1033 Foundations of 3D S1 2021
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Your submission will be graded on the following criteria:
 Quality of 3D character modelling and geometry [35%]

 Overall shape, details, and complexity of the character
 Modelling within a polygon limit (20,000 tris)
 Clean and efficient geometry
 Use of modelling tools & techniques

 Quality of UV mapping, materials, and presentation of your character [30%]

 Application of UV mapping techniques and texturing tools
 Appropriate use and consideration of 3D materials
 Application of PBR map types (Albedo colour, normal, metal, roughness, emission)
 Visual impact of your character in your final Unity Build

 Written and Visual documentation [35%]

 Discussion of inspiration, research, design, and planning
 Coverage of 3D process (including modelling, materials, and Unity)
 Use of images/screenshots and other visual resources to illustrate workflow
 Explanation and reflection of decision-making process

Any submission received after the due date without a prior arranged extension will receive a 10%
reduction to their available mark per day late, for a maximum of seven days. Submissions received
more than 7 days after the due date without a prior arranged extension will receive a mark of 0 and no
feedback will be provided.

DUE DATE 3:00PM, Friday Week 9