Java代写 - CSCI 1105 – Fall 2020

CSCI 1105 – Fall 2020
Assignment 03 – Due 29/10, 6 pm
Please start this assignment early; programming and logic takes time - if you leave it to the last
minute, you might not have enough time to finish or might make silly mistakes that you otherwise
could avoid. Note that TAs and Instructors will not be able to answer last-minute questions!
All work is to be handed in Mimir, our online code learning environment. We encourage you to
write the code in IntelliJ (or any other IDE) and paste the solution in Mimir.
To complete this assignment, you will need to know about:
• Basic Input
• Conditionals
• Comparing different data types
• Boolean Variables
• Simple Input Validation
• Loops
Your code must compile. If it does not compile, you will receive a 0 (zero) on that portion of the
assignment, and no partial marks will be given.
Remember that students who hardcode their outputs to match the test cases in Mimir will
receive a zero on the entire assignment.
Grading Scheme: Please see the grading scheme at the end of this document.
Variable names: We expect students to use descriptive variable names and methods names plus
correct capitalization in the code they submit. This will be graded as it is important for code
readability. As a reminder: variables names should start with lowercase (e.g., colour), and you
must use camel case to combine two words (e.g.: currentSpeed). More examples of naming:
Comments: We expect students to use comments in their code and include a header comment
in all assignment files! This will be graded as it is important for code readability. The header
comment should be placed first in the file and must conform to the following format:
/* CSCI 1105 – Assignment X
* First Last Names – B00xxxxxx
* A brief description of the program

Problem 1 – Managing Inventory (Warmup)
The graphics card manufacturer Nvidia was recently criticized for the way they managed their
inventory of the newly release RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards.
To help Nvidia, you will create a program that keeps track of sales and restock of Nvidia's 3080
graphics cards. Your program will keep a record of the current inventory of the cards, and it will
not allow new purchases when there are more than 50 cards (included) in backorder1

Your program will read integers representing either restock (adding new items to the inventory)
or sales until it reads a 0 telling it to close the store and report.
• Positive integers mean that new cards arrived in the stock (that is, an increase in the
• Negative integers mean that the store sold cards that day
• '0' means that the store is closed, and you should print how many cards are left in stock
or how many are in backorder.

Backorder Policy: If they have more than 50 cards (included) in backorder, the store will refuse
to sell new cards until the inventory has been restocked to less than 50 cards in backorder. If a
customer tries to purchase a card in this situation, your program should print an error message
according to the example below.

The store always open with a zero inventory of cards

Input Output
10 10 -4 -4 0 Thank you! Store is now closed.
Inventory: 12
9 -20 -30 -4 -10 -5 0 Im sorry, we cannot take new orders as
our backorder list is >50
Thank you! Store is now closed.
Inventory: -55
9 -20 -10 -4 -10 -5 0 Thank you! Store is now closed.
Inventory: -40

1 A product in backorder means that the customer payed for it but did not receive the product yet since it was out
of stock.
Problem 2 – The Flu Shot
As we approach winter, flu vaccinations become one of the priorities for public health officials.
A vital public health metric is to know the percentage of the population vaccinated.

In this problem, you will write a program that will keep track of the Atlantic Provinces (NS, NB,
NFL, PEI). Your program will read vaccination reports numbers from each province (multiple
reports are possible) and each province's total population. It will then print the % of the
population vaccinated. It will also print a warning for any region that is below 80% vaccinated.

The input is as follows:
- You will read an integer and a word containing the numbers of newly vaccinated
people and their province (e.g. 80 NS)
o If the number is negative, you should ignore the input
- You will read a 0 (zero) informing your program that there are no new vaccination
- Then you will read an integer and province informing you of the total population of
each province.
- Please note that the names of the provinces will always be correct. Do not assume
any order

Your program will print the information according to the examples below. Please limit your
decimal points to two digits using the printf method. You must also left pad your number with
up to 3 zeros.
Hint: the printf syntax for floats goes as follows: %width.decimalsf
Hint2: You will have to print a %, which needs to be escaped. You do not escape % with \

Input Output
300 NS
300 NB
300 NFL
300 PEI
000.00% of NS's is vaccinated
000.00% of NB's is vaccinated
000.00% of NFL's is vaccinated
000.00% of PEI's is vaccinated
Province(s) bellow vaccination quotas:

10 NS 280 NS 80 NFL 155
PEI -280 NS 30 NB 145
300 NS
300 NB
300 NFL
300 PEI
096.67% of NS's is vaccinated
010.00% of NB's is vaccinated
026.67% of NFL's is vaccinated
100.00% of PEI's is vaccinated
Province(s) bellow vaccination quotas:
290 NS 270 PEI 300 NFL
250 NB 0
300 PEI
300 NB
300 NS
300 NFL
096.67% of NS's is vaccinated
083.33% of NB's is vaccinated
100.00% of NFL's is vaccinated
090.00% of PEI's is vaccinated
Province(s) bellow vaccination quotas:

Grading Scheme
Each problem on the assignment will be graded based on three criteria:
"Does it work according to specifications?" This is determined in an automated fashion by
running your program on a number of inputs and ensuring that the outputs match the expected
outputs. The score is determined based on the number of tests that your program passes.
Quality of Solution
"Is it a good solution?" This considers whether the solution is correct, efficient, covers boundary
conditions, does not have any obvious bugs, etc. This is determined by visual inspection of the
code. Initially full marks are given to each solution and marks are deducted based on faults
found in the solution.
Code Clarity
"Is it well written?" This considers whether the solution is properly formatted, well-
documented, and follows coding style guidelines. A single code clarity score is assigned for all
solutions. If your program does not compile, it is considered non-functional and of extremely
poor quality, meaning you will receive 0 for the solution.


Functionality 20

Quality of Solution &
Code Clarity


Functionality 50

Quality of Solution &
Code Clarity


100 100