sql代写-FIT2094-Assignment 1

FIT2094-FIT3171 Databases
2021 Summer B
Assignment 1B Checklist
Required Actions:
❏ Normalisation
❏ Normalised two forms (Running Sheet and one of the Appointment
Completion Reports) both from UNF to 3NF showing all forms and
dependencies at each step (i.e. partial dependencies in 1NF, transitive
dependencies in 2NF, full dependencies in 3NF)
❏ Includes all attributes shown in the reports unless indicated otherwise
(check A1B forum)
❏ Does not add surrogate keys in normalisation
❏ Clearly indicates PK's using underline
❏ Completes attribute synthesis
❏ Checks that normalisation attribute names are identical to logical model
attribute names
❏ Logical Model
❏ Follows FIT2094-FIT3171 logical model notation (see pages 12-14 of
Session 6 Tutorial Activities document):
❏ Uses Crow’s foot/Information Engineering notation for the logical
❏ Does not show data types and sizes
❏ Does show legend on logical model
❏ Does show labels for each relationship
❏ Adds common prefix for all attributes in each relation (e.g. emp_no,
❏ Adds at least one surrogate key to logical model
❏ Adds comments for all attributes (uses comment in RDBMS)
❏ Includes required check clauses and lookup tables
❏ Schema File
❏ Schema file has extension .sql
❏ Includes DROP table commands at head of schema file
❏ Captures run of schema file via SPOOL/ECHO commands
Required files have been pushed to FIT GitLab server (at least 3
❏ md_normalisation source file (e.g. docx)
❏ md_logical.pdf
❏ md_oraclemodel project folder which includes:
❏ the .dmd file,
❏ and the folder of the same name
You must push this project folder while you are drawing the model on SQL Developer
Data Modeler
❏ md_schema.sql
❏ md_schema_output.txt
❏ md_assumptions source file (e.g. docx)
Finally, 6 individual files have been submitted to Moodle:
❏ md_normalisation.pdf
❏ md_logical.pdf
❏ md_oraclemodel.zip which includes:
❏ the .dmd file,
❏ and the folder of the same name.
You MUST ensure that the zip archive of the model is tested for completeness (i.e.
unzipped and opened in a new location - see video: Preparing Files for
❏ md_schema.sql
❏ md_schema_output.txt
❏ md_assumptions.pdf