Python代写-CS 411-Assignment 3
CS 411 - Artificial Intelligence I Spring 2021 Assignment 3 Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago Total Points: 25 15 puzzle is a sliding puzzle game with numbered squares arranged in 4X4 grid with one tile missing. The puzzle is solved when the numbers are arranged in order. The actions are defined in terms of direction where empty square can be moved to UP (U), Down(D), Left(L), Right(R) Write a program which performs a breadth-first search to find the solution to any given board position for 15 puzzle Input The input should be given in the form of a sequence of numbered tiles for initial board configuration, ‘0’ indicating the empty space (see example below) Output 1. Moves 2. Number of Nodes expanded 3. Time Taken 4. Memory Used Example > 1 0 2 4 5 7 3 8 9 6 11 12 13 10 14 15 Moves: RDLDDRR Number of Nodes expanded: 361 TIme Taken: 0.238 Memory Used: 704kb Hint • You can use hashset to keep track of explored nodes and fast lookup Submission Please submit a zip file with including following files:
● Source Code
● Readme.txt including instruction to run the code, include version of compiler you
are using (e.g. java 1.8, c++11 , python 2.7)

To help with efficient grading, make sure we can run your code from the command line
(without need to install specific IDE or build tool)

Programming Language
You can choose from C++, Java, Python or Julia


Print the moves to reach the solution => 10
Check for repeated states => 3
Print number of nodes expanded => 3
Print total memory usage => 3
Print total time taken => 3
Coding style, comments, readme instruction => 3

Your submission should be your own work. You can take reference from aima codebase but you
are not allowed to use the code directly. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism using
MOSS (Measure Of Software Similarity).