Python代写-CMPT459-Assignment 1
CMPT459: Data Mining, Spring 2021

Prof: Martin Ester
TAs: Arash Khoeini, Madana Krishnan Vadakandara Krishnan

Assignment 1 [total marks: 100]

The goal of this assignment is to implement a Decision Tree and to test it on a dataset to classify
people into those who earn less than 50k and more than 50k based on their attributes. The adults
dataset consists of 14 features (6 continuous and 8 categorical) and one class label. Provided file includes three files:
• data.summary.txt: information about the features
• training data
• adult.test.csv: testing data

a) [25 marks] Present a pseudo-code for a simple Decision Tree with error reduction pruning:
i) The information gain is used as a split criterion. [5 marks]
ii) The tree is grown deep, i.e. it is grown until all training examples corresponding to
a leaf node belong to the same class. [5 marks]
iii) Works on categorical data. [5 marks]
iv) Works on numerical data. [5 marks]
v) Error reduction pruning using validation data. [5 marks]

b) [75 marks] Implement your pseudo-code using Python. Your implementation should
include the following functions (method signatures might be different based on the specific
needs of your implementation):

● grow(dataset) -> tree: grows a deep tree on the given dataset and returns the tree
object. [20 marks]
● prune(dataset, tree) -> tree: accepts a tree object and prunes it using the validation
dataset. Returns the pruned tree. [15 marks]
● test(dataset, tree) -> accuracy: returns the accuracy of the given tree on the given
dataset. [10 marks]

You should use the above methods to complete the following tasks:

1. Train and evaluate on the dataset using 5-fold-cross-validation. Each
time you grow a tree, you need to prune it before evaluation. You can leave 10% of
the training data as validation data. Report the average accuracy. [15 marks]
2. Train one final tree on the dataset and use it to predict samples in
adult.test.csv and save outputs in a csv file. [10 marks]
3. You need to properly handle missing values. Explain briefly how you did that. [5

[IMPORTANT] Submit a file [student-id].zip which includes the following:
● A file report.pdf with the pseudocode and your answers for tasks 1. and 3.
● One and only one .py file which includes all your implemented functions and classes.
● A file predictions.csv with the predictions for the test data.
● A requirements.txt file, including all the required packages to run your code.
● data/ directory with the datasets.
Running the python command on your .py file should reproduce all your reported results. You
need to use relative paths for accessing your data through your code to make it runnable on all

Deadline: The deadline is 23:59 pm on Feb 11th. We accept late submissions up to 24 hours late
but deduct 10% of the marks. You will lose all the marks for submissions after that.

Libraries: You can use libraries including math, numpy, scipy, random, etc. You MUST provide
YOUR OWN implementation for the information gain calculation, decision tree growing, pruning
and the methods to perform 5-fold-cross validation and predictions. These MUST be implemented
from scratch i.e. not using scikit-learn libraries. You will be marked on the correctness of your