java代写-ADS2 2021
ADS2 2021 1 Assessed Exercise 1
Algorithms and Data Structures (ADS2)

Assessed Exercise 1
This lab sheet contains material based on Lecture 7. This exercise is for submission using
Moodle and counts for 10% of the total assessment mark for this course.
This exercise is worth a total of 30 points.
The deadline for submission is Monday 22 February 2021at 4:30pm.

This exercise has three parts. The first involves implementing four variants of the quicksort
algorithm in Java, the second involves running some empirical studies to compare the
performance of each version, and the third involves the definition and implementation in Java
of an algorithm to compute adversaries for quicksort.

Submit the Java sources of your implementations and a short (maximum 3 pages) report
describing what you have done in each part of the exercise. Your report should include a
heading stating your full name and matriculation number and clear instructions on how to run
your code.

Part 1
Implement the following algorithms in Java:
a) The pseudocode for QUICKSORT introduced in Lecture 7 (slide 14), including
procedure PARTITION implementing right-most element pivot selection (slide 13).
b) A variant of QUICKSORT which returns without sorting subarrays with fewer than k
elements and then uses INSERTION-SORT to sort the entire nearly-sorted array
(Lecture 7 slide 24). [2]
c) A variant of QUICKSORT using the median-of-three partitioning scheme. [2]
d) 3-WAY-QUICKSORT (Lecture 7, slide 25). Explain in the report how your
implementation operates. [10]

Part 2
Compare all four versions of the algorithm you implemented in Part 1 (try experimenting with
different cutoff values in 1b) using TimeSortingAlgorithms you implemented in Lab 1. Use
datasets provided on Moodle under Lab/Files. Also compare with the running times of
InsertionSort and MergeSort. Report and explain your findings. Hint: use
TestSortingAlgorithms from Lab 1 to test the correctness of your algorithms. [4]

ADS2 2021 2 Assessed Exercise 1
Part 3
Define an algorithm to generate pathological input sequences for the quicksort algorithm, that
is instances that will require quadratic time to be sorted. Consider a median-of-three
partitioning scheme (left, middle, right). Also, we assume duplicates are not allowed in the
input array. Explain in the report how your algorithm operates and implement it in Java.