python代写-CSCE 311
Homework 2
CSCE 311
Spring 2021
100 Points
Assigned: 2/8/2021
Due: 2/21/2021 11:59pm
1 Problems
1. (100 points) Given the CSV (comma separated value) file marvel.csv,
write a program that obtains all the characters whose name begins with
a “Z” and outputs them to a file named marvel.txt.
Your program should be called, with well-documented com-
ments. It should be tested and run on the CSE server, and run accord-
ing to the script found in marvelmatch.txt.
2 Guidelines
1. Your program should be named correctly as indicated, to facilitate
ease of grading. Failure to do so will result in your program not being
graded, and your score for the assignment will be 0.
2. Submit 4 separate files to the corresponding CSE handin assignment.
3. As your programs will be graded on the CSE server, test your programs
to make sure they are able to run on the server BEFORE turning in
your code. To do so, when in the appropriate directory, type python This will allow you to run your program, submit any
command-line input needed, and view output solely on the server. If
applicable, ensure that your output for the problem matches the output
4. Include your name, the date, and homework information in comments
at the top of each file.
5. Your homework will be graded according to the following rubric:
• 10% Documentation: program heading (authorship info, date, de-
scription) and other comments.
• 15% Programming Style: proper indentation, clear program flow,
sensible variable names, etc.
• 15% Testing: program takes correctly-formatted input and pro-
duces correctly-formatted output.
• 45% Program Correctness.
• 15% Algorithm Design.
6. Useful note: If you are having trouble getting your program to read
a file due to a UnicodeDecodeError (or something similar), check the
file’s encoding and specify it in your open statement. For example, if
the file is in UTF-8 encoding, your open statement should be:
infile = open(‘filename.extension’,‘r’,encoding=‘utf8’)