R代写-MISSION 2021
Please submit before the deadlines on the submission links. The standard penalty of 5 marks per day of
delay will be imposed otherwise. This is an individual project. You can discuss it with other students
but you are not allowed to share code which should be your own and collaboration with other students
should be acknowledged in an acknowledgement section which should include the other students’
candidate numbers and the questions you helped each other with. Similarities in presentation will be
picked up by school software. You are advised that the optimal number of other students to work with
is between 0 and 2 and for some questions such as q1 in both courseworks definitely 0. Larger groups
rarely do well.
Items to submit:
1. Upload your project as a PDF-file via Moodle. If your number is 11111 then name your report
under project11111.pdf. ONLY .pdf files are acceptable.
2. Although you will include your code in the written project, you are also required to upload a file
with your code via Moodle. If your number is 11111 then name your code code11111.R or
code11111.Rmd if it is a markdown file. Write your code with necessary comments.
3. Write you candidate number on the front page anyway!! Do not write
Written project:
1. Please write your report using LATEX. Write your code using R (Rstudio helps).
2. Cover: make sure that the title page of your report contains your candidate number but not your
3. Table of contents: some of you may want to include a table of contents, please feel free to do so
but do not include it in the back of your cover. Use a new page. 1
4. Content: Your solutions, codes, figures, etc. There is no limit on length but I would not have
thought that more than 25 pages for coursework 1 or 30 for coursework 2 are necessary. Not
every exercise has a closed-form solution, it is a simulation project. The statements of the
exercises have enough guidelines for you to provide all possible arguments, figures, tables,
calculations, codes, etc, which are necessary to justify your answer and to show you understood
the material.
5. References: some of you may want to include some references, please feel free to do so at the
end of your report.
6. Challenge winners have been given instructions on how they will cliam the extra marks.