R代写-STAT 453/558
STAT 453/558 - Guidelines for the Final Project
In the final project you will plan, design, collect data, and analyze an experiment. The report
will consist of two parts, the first part is due on March 25th and the second part is due on
Monday, April 11th. For both parts, use Arial font 11 or Times New Roman font 12.
1. PART I - Introduction
Write a report of maximum 2 pages, including the following.
(a) Describe your research problem and motivation.
(b) Describe your choice of factors, levels and range.
(c) Are there any nuisance factors? Are they controllable or uncontrollable?
(d) How do you plan to address the three basic principals of experimental design?
(e) Detail your plan to answer your research problem.
2. PART II - The experiment
Write a report of maximum 5 pages (not counting the Appendix) including the topics
(a) Design of experiment: Present the design and write its statistical model; explain how
the randomization, blocking, and replication are used in the design.
(b) Data collection: Describe your experiment including any issues you might have had;
did the execution deviate from the plan you laid out in PART I?
(c) Statistical model: Write the the model equation for the experiment; analyze your
data and present the R output. For the residual analysis, make comments on the
assumptions but include the plots in the Appendix only. Make sure the plots are
legible, and include a proper caption and title.
(d) Conclusion: Present the results; answer the research problem.
(e) Appendix: Include your R code; residual plots, and any other material that is rele-
vant. Do not include plots not mentioned in your report.
(f) References: List any references used in the project.