java script代写-EE497-Assignment 1
Dublin City University
School of Electronic Engineering

EE497 – 3D Interface Technologies
Assignment 1
All assignment software will be developed using OSGJS (see module website for sample OSGJS
You are required to create a custom 3D scene that demonstrates the following aspects of OSGJS:
 Scene graph design (scene graph diagram should be included in your report)
o Group nodes
o Shape nodes
 Custom geometry
 Lighting
 Texture mapping
 Animation
 Interaction
Sample applications would include:
 Penalty shootout game
 3D modelling of architecture
 Flight simulator
The assignment is worth 10% of your final result. The marks will be broken down into Design,
Implementation/Coding and Documentation.
 Design - the overall design and features of your system including the design of the scene graph.
 Implementation/Coding - is the implementation of your design, the quality of your code and the
operation of your realised scene.
 Documentation - refers to the final report and the commented code. The final report should
describe your scene graph design, application features and interesting code segments.
You should submit an electronic version of your assignment via loop. There should be two files in your
1. Your report which should be in Word for Windows (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format.
2. Your code and associated resources (the relevant files should be packaged in one winzip (.zip) or
gnuzip (.gz) file).